How It All Began

The WNSMK began as a response to urgent need when, during the severe winter of 2010, Milton Keynes Council became aware of a number of homeless people sleeping in bin stores and such places in central Milton Keynes, despite freezing temperatures and thick snow on the ground.

At the time the YMCA was the only viable option for many, and with their beds full a new solution was needed. A conference brought together people from various interested agencies to discuss the issue, and the concept of the Winter Night Shelter MK was born.

Life-saving accommodation

Due to Covid-19 we were unable to run our overnight accommodation provision during winter 2020–21. Here are our stats from the previous season (2019–20).

Meals Served Plus


people accommodated (73 men and 8 women)

guests assisted to move on to longer term accommodation

occupied beds across 14 different venues

guests successfully assisted to find employment opportunities

What We Do:

Rebuilding Lives

We support the homeless, vulnerable and those with mental health struggles in Milton Keynes by providing:

  • temporary emergency accommodation (November–March)
  • a dedicated welfare team providing year-round support
  • access to showers and washing/drying facilities
  • links to support agencies
  • advice and support to find permanent accommodation
  • pathways to employment.

During the winter months our guests are invited to arrive at our friendly reception café from 5.30pm, seven days a week. They will be welcomed by our welfare team and have time to settle in, sort and store their belongings, have hot drinks and a meal, and relax.

Around 8.30pm guests will be transported to an overnight venue. There they will be greeted by a team of trained volunteers who provide company and support, opportunities to relax and play games, and a warm bed for the night. In the morning guests are provided with hot drinks, a snack and transported back to the reception café for breakfast.

Unity Park Station (formerly the Old Bus Station) on Elder Gate now provides a year-round base for our welfare team and hosts an array of essential support services from partner organisations, including:

  • legal and housing advice
  • on-site addiction support
  • access to food and clothing aid
  • assistance obtaining ID and accessing bank accounts
  • help with accommodation and employment applications
  • life skills and employment skills training
  • homelessness prevention initiatives.

Ultimately, we help our guests into more settled accommodation and support them to rebuild their lives. This might be through working with the Council, referrals to partners such as the YMCA, Bus Shelter MK or Emmaus, private accommodation and housing schemes.

We have a number of former guests who say they owe their lives to the Winter Night Shelter, and some have returned to volunteer to help others.


WNSMK Core Values

We are…

Altruistic: We will show unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

Pursuing excellence: We will do everything excellently, but not extravagantly.

Valuing: We honour, respect and value one another.

Authentic: We will be honest with one another.

Generous: We will be generous with one another.

Team-based: We build a strong team-based culture.

Everyone has their own story…

Story 5

“When you’re on the streets it’s very, very tough on you physically and mentally, and by the time you arrive somewhere like here, where you feel safe, that is like a godsend.”

WNS Guest

story 4

“If it wasn’t for the Winter Night Shelter I can honestly say, hand on heart, I don’t think I would be here, honestly I don’t. You probably would have found me in some gutter somewhere, and that’s the honest truth.”

WNS Guest

Story 3

“I feel very strongly that if I get back on my feet I would want to put something back to the WNS. I would want to be a volunteer or something.”

WNS Guest

Story 2

“One of the ways the WNS is helping me is giving me hope in something, I lost faith in everything in prison and now I’m starting to get a taste of it again.”

WNS Guest

story one

“It has a massive impact on my life, without it I’d be in some dangerous positions. The WNS offers me refuge and takes me away from a lot of dangers.”

WNS Guest

Charity Reference No: 1149480

Registered Company No: 08232340

Registered office: The Ridgeway Centre, Featherstone Road, Wolverton Mill South, Milton Keynes, MK12 5TH