Story 5

“When you’re on the streets it’s very, very tough on you physically and mentally, and by the time you arrive somewhere like here, where you feel safe, that is like a godsend.” WNS Guest

story 4

“If it wasn’t for the Winter Night Shelter I can honestly say, hand on heart, I don’t think I would be here, honestly I don’t. You probably would have found me in some gutter somewhere, and that’s the honest truth.” WNS Guest

Story 3

“I feel very strongly that if I get back on my feet I would want to put something back to the WNS. I would want to be a volunteer or something.” WNS Guest

Story 2

“One of the ways the WNS is helping me is giving me hope in something, I lost faith in everything in prison and now I’m starting to get a taste of it again.” WNS Guest

story one

“It has a massive impact on my life, without it I’d be in some dangerous positions. The WNS offers me refuge and takes me away from a lot of dangers.” WNS Guest