You can make a huge difference to the lives of those we help. Will you join us?

We are pleased to share that our Night Shelter will be open this winter from 28 November 2022 – 31 March 2023! Providing warm, safe overnight accommodation during the coldest months, along with evening meals and breakfast.

We have 12 incredible venues that are helping us to host our shelter each night, and we are hugely grateful to each and every one of you that takes the time to sign up to be a part of a team that has a huge impact on the lives of those who are homeless. 

For the volunteering opportunities at our Night Shelter Venues and Unity Park Station please see all the roles available below. 

Roles required at a Night Shelter Venue

Each session is run by a volunteer team led by an experienced Team Leader who coordinates the rotas and roles for the team. Roles may include the following, in the evening, overnight or morning:

General Cleaning (8pm−10pm): Vacuum, wipe frequently touched surfaces, clean toilets.

Evening Kitchen (8pm-10pm):  Prepare hot drinks & snacks, clear down kitchen at close.

Set up and guest interaction (8pm−10pm): Set up beds, welcome guests, serve refreshments, socialise & support, supervise scheduled cigarette breaks.

Night duty (9:30pm−6:45am): Keep watch overnight as part of a small team, 2 shifts within this time to ensure taking turns to sleep when needed. Being available in case of any unexpected eventualities in the night such as a guest having a problem or feeling unwell, or supervising evacuation in the event of a fire. Clean toilets after use as part of Covid procedures. The night watch is usually a quiet time so it is possible to read/relax during the shift.

Due to the fact that the buildings that host the night shelter are used for other purposes by other groups in the daytimes this means that we need to clear out early in the mornings.

Morning kitchen (6:30am−8am): Clean kitchen surfaces, prepare and serve early morning drinks and snacks (guests will receive breakfast when they arrive back at Unity Park Station), clean up kitchen.

Set down (6:45am−8am): Gather bedding ready for laundering, wipe pillows, spray and put mattresses away, supervise morning cigarette breaks, tidy up, vacuum, ensure rooms are left clear.

Closing cleaning (6:45am−8am): Cleaning of frequently touched surfaces and toilets.

Collection and laundering of bedding (off-site): Collect laundry, take to a laundry service and return it (at mutually convenient times to be arranged).

Unity Park Station Reception café roles

Unity Park Station provides an important base for our evening reception cafe, early morning locker access, breakfast and welfare support for guests staying in our roaming night shelters.

Evening cafe kitchen Monday – Sunday (4:45pm-9:15pm): Ensure kitchen is clean, prepare drinks and snacks, prepare/heat up the evening meal and clean up kitchen at the end.

Evening cafe service and guest interaction Monday – Sunday (4:45pm-9:15pm): Assist with setup, serve drinks and meals, welcome and interact with guests during the session and supervise the cigarette breaks.

Evening general cleaning Monday – Sunday (4:45pm-7pm & 7pm-9:15pm): Cleaning of frequently touched areas and facilities during the evening such sinks, surfaces, toilets and showers after each use.

Morning cafe kitchen Monday – Friday (7:45am-9am): Clean kitchen surfaces, prepare hot drinks and lay out cereal and toast, wash up, final clean.

Morning team Monday – Friday (7:45am-9am): Meet and greet guests as they arrive back from their overnight venue, serve drinks and assist Welfare team with lockers, laundry and guest support.

Weekend morning locker attendant (7:30am-9am): Supervise access to lockers, issuing and recalling keys as needed and hand out breakfast bags.

Morning general cleaning Monday – Friday (7:45am-9am): Wiping down frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, etc, and cleaning wc/shower if needed as used by guests.

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Registered office: The Ridgeway Centre, Featherstone Road, Wolverton Mill South, Milton Keynes, MK12 5TH